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GREETINGS ALL We are delighted to announce that our team, 'THE GLOBEST TEAM', has launched our brand-new website, <>. So, it is our pleasure to say warmly: “You Are Welcomed in Our Team” “Our team, which works under the global banner of 'NO PAIN NO OFF,’ recognizes that if your contribution is not published globally, your efforts will not be considered coordinately. All professional researchers are aware of the difficulties that a researcher faces when conducting research, which may take more than 10 years or may be repeated more than 100 times to create a correct draft of an article. To write only one sentence, you may need to read more than 40 articles. If you want to persist as a successful researcher, you must prove your hard work in the research field and avoid being a researcher who only wants to increase their positive points on their personal resumes. Before starting any project, work, or research, think carefully about how it will enhance your abilities and make you successful. Instead, trust in the wisdom that says, ’ if your senior was professional, then your work will be the same.” “Our team has published more than 100 articles in high-impact journals across various fields such as public health, internal medicine, psychiatry, and environmental health in the past two years. We have also participated in more than 10 international multicenter studies on a global scale and multiple international prospective studies. Given that most of the funders of "THE GLOBEST TEAM" have Syrian affiliation, we initiated a local project in Syria that involved more than 70 cross-sectional studies aimed at increasing awareness and analyzing the attitude of the Syrian population toward various issues in Syrian society, such as artificial intelligence, tropical infectious diseases, monkeypox, and COVID-19. In addition, we conducted clinical studies in multiple areas during the COVID-19 pandemic.” “We aim to accurately recognize and give credit to all researchers who have collaborated with us on any papers featured on this website. Our intention is to include researchers from a diverse range of countries and accurately reflect the collaborative efforts of all team members. We aim to prevent the false appearance of collaboration that results from carelessly adding multiple members to the website. Furthermore, our team aims to expand international communications with professional researchers worldwide to the greatest extent possible, which may lead to an improvement in the quality and efficacy of international research.” If you are interested in collaborating with us, please feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to discuss your potential role in our team and your skills such as academic writing, data collection, analysis, data merging, and protocol proceedings…etc. ALL BEST WITH OUR WARM WISHES

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